Dosh Personal Loan

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How much do you want to borrow?
$2,000 $75,000
What’s your preferred loan term?
1 Year
1 Year 7 Years
Estimated repayments

Estimated repayments are a guide only based on an interest rate of 16.25%  p.a. fixed for the term. Your interest rate will depend on your personal circumstances.

The estimated repayments include a broker fee of $100 charged by Dosh, an  establishment fee of $140 and a monthly fee of $9.85 charged by Avanti Finance Limited (Avanti). Interest rates range from 16.25% p.a. to 19.95% p.a.

Dosh Personal Loans are issued by Avanti and promoted by Dosh.  Terms and conditions, fees and charges apply. All applications are subject to lending and approval criteria.